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About us

At altered notion we are working endlessly to design and develop high-quality streetwear for everyone. Our aim is to offer a range of products which are fit for all occasions. Ensuring that we produce long-lasting clothing and accessories that you will be proud to rock.

So why "altered notion"? Let's take it back to the start. In the early thoughts and developments, we really wanted to sculpture a brand that has purpose. The concept of altered notion relates to the evolving perceptions of society. We want to challenge perception and change the ideals of what a brand is or isn't.


Stepping outside of your comfort zone is valuable to personal and collective growth. Perception evolves with information, influence, and societal norms. We would like to deviate from that and highlight that your perception is entirely within your control. A change in mindset, stepping into the shoes of another, or generally challenging your own thoughts are the most powerful tools we possess for personal growth.

As a brand, we have many long-term goals. Relating to our products, our customers and the world. We are working our hardest to progress towards increased sustainability and hope that you are as excited as we are to see the journey unfold.

We have some exciting plans in the pipeline and cannot wait to show them to you.

We ensure that only the highest quality premium fabrics are used during the manufacturing of our products, Each item is created from scratch with you in mind.

We aim to produce long-lasting items and advise you to carefully read washing instructions to encourage longevity. Reduce waste with clothing that will last. 

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